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New Cooks/Linen Spoon Competition announcement below.


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Greetings to the West Kingdom from Lady Berta and Lady Gianetta, Here is the recipe to be used for Linen Spoon/New Cooks gathering at March Crown.

But first a little background information:
To help people new to medieval cooking, we provide a recipe and a translation for the cooks. It's up to you to come up with a redaction, documentation and a finished dish. Bring your dish and your documentation (Location/time will be posted and announced on-site). We'll discuss and communally judge the efforts.

This year, we're planning to use Form of Cury as our source for all our recipes.
Here is the first recipe:
Take Hennes  oþer Conynges oþer Veel oþer oþer Flessh an hewe hem to gobettes waische it and hit well . grynde Almandes unblaunched. and drawe hem up with þe broth cast þer inne raysons of Corance. sugur. Powdour gyngur erbes ystewed in grees. Oynouns and Salt. If it is to to  thynne. alye it up with flour of ryse oþer with oþer thyng and colour it with Safroun.

Take hens or rabbits or veal or other meat and cut them into chunks, wash it and simmer. Set aside the meat, and use the broth to make almond milk. Return the meat to the almond milk and add currants.
Fry sugar, ginger powder, herbs  onions and salt in grease. (lard, oil, fat from the broth you just made). Add to the meat mixture.
If it is too thin, thicken it with rice flour or something and color it with saffron.

It's up to you to come up with the measurements/proportions/cooking instructions of the recipe (that's the redaction part.) Then tell us what you did, and why you did it in the rest of your documentation.
If you have questions, please contact either Lady Berta or Lady Gianetta and we'll try to answer them.

We'll be using Form of Cury for all the Linen Spoon/New Cooks events this year. It's available from Project Gutenberg  and there's a facsimile here: . Or you can buy the book. Here's an Amazon link, but you can also support your local bookseller: and here's a link to Duchess Juana's article for writing documentation:





The West Kingdom Cookerie Guild is a loosely organized group of individuals within the Kingdom of the West , in the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA). The guild's goal is to promote the education and making of medieval and renaissance cuisine that encompasses the time period covered by the SCA. Anyone who has an interest in cuisine of this time period is welcome to be part of the West Kingdom Cookerie Guild.

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