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Upcoming competitions AS XLI-XLII 2007

Wooden Spoon - Kingdom of the West

March Crown:
10th century Cornwall
Includes anything 10th C Cornish

Greetings to the Lyst from the Wooden Spoon Minister,
Well it is quite exciting to see all the activity on this subject. I do hope the rest of the competitions get this much attention. So you ask your self why.....Why did Lady Eddie choose this crazy time and place for a recipe search and competition theme?
Here's why;
"My persona is 10th c. Cornish.
My name is Arganteilin filia Elfin.(Ar-YAHN- hey-lin)
We live in a small village outside of Devon. My father Elfin is one of the village fishermen. We live modestly but not poor. I have been apprenticed to a Cooking Master."
This competition is about research, digging deep. Contacting people and resources from other countries. Having fun with it all.
So I am going to make it a bit easier on you all.........Find (if you can) a recipe of period (8th to 13th c)of Cornish origin and redact it. Then at March crown please present your dish with your documentation.
If you wish to stay with the original theme, please feel free to do so. I am truly pleased with all the information shared here. I too have learned a great deal and have been reading a lot on my persona's country.
YIS, Lady Arganteilin W.S.Minister

12th century Italian
Includes anything 12th c Italian

June Crown:
Fruits of the Summer Solstice.
Any form of fruit. Pottages, pastries, pies, sweet meats etc.

Purgatorio Coronation:
Harvest Breads
Braided, loaf, twisted etc.

October Crown:
Soups of the 13th century, any country of your choice. Cream, broth, cold, hot, herbed, meat, veggie any style.

Silver Spoon - Principality of the Mists

Mists Spring Coronet (March 30-April 1):
A dish to counteract Winter's cold and moist Phlegmatic humor (Phlegm)

Mists Spring Investiture (May 12):
A dish to counteract Spring's hot and moist Sanguine humor (Blood)

Mists Fall Coronet (September 21-23):
A dish to counteract Summer's hot and dry Choleric humor (Yellow Bile)

Mists Fall Investiture (November 10):
A dish to counteract Autumn's cold and dry Melancholic humor (Black Bile)

In your documentation you must explain how and why your dish will counteract the ill effects of the season's predominant humor, as well as all the other usual requirements.

If you are not certain what the "usual requirements" are, please visit: I know that some entrants did not know what we were looking for. This information is on the web site to serve YOU, the members of the populace. Please take advantage of it.

I will be putting a few references up on the Mists Principality web site to help you get started.

I thank Master Wulfric of Creigull for this suggestion. I had considered doing this topic, but thought it might be too difficult. I have simplified things a little in hopes that cooks will not feel intimidated by this topic.

If you have ANY questions about Silver Spoon, any at all, please write to me.

I Remain Yours in Service to the Coronets and the Populace of the Principality of the Mists

Urtatim al-Qurtubiyya bint 'abd al-Karim al-hakam al-Fassi
Minister of the Silver Spoon, Principality of the Mists

Copper Spoon - Principality of Cynagua

Winter Investiture - January 27 - Candies and Confections

Spring Coronet - May 25-28 - Breads - or things made from bread

Summer Investiture - July 14 - Herbs, greens and salads

Fall Coronet - October 26-28 - Sausages

Silver Ulu - Principality of Oertha

Please send me information about these competitions.



Last updated 01/03/2007
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