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Silver Ulu Competition History

This list came from the West Kingdom history site, reformatted & augmented. If you have corrections, more information or documentation about these competitions please let me know. If you would like to make your documentation available, it would be very helpful to new cooks and old.

It would be interesting to have a list of the Silver Ulu Ministers, too.

AS Date Event Theme Entrant
na na na na Berengaria de Montfort of Carcassonne (aka Antadina Exeter du Nordlac)
XXII 5/24/1987 na na Genevičve Élise le Chantelois
XXII 5/24/1987 na na Morgana yr Oerfa (aka Morgana of the Icy Wastes, Morgana n'ha Keridwen)
XXII 7/25/1987 na na Alysaundra ferch Llewelyn
XXII 7/25/1987 na na Wynflaed of Hawksmir (aka Wynflaed of Hawksmird)
XXII 7/16/1988 na na Dacey Cospatrick
XXIII 7/16/1988 na na John St. Andrew (aka John Saint Andrew)
XXIII 7/16/1988 na na Oriana de Culmstock (aka Oriana of Comstock)
XXIV 5/28/1989 na na Annora de Montfort of Shadowood
XXXIII 2/1/1999 na na Clare Elena of Strathclyde
XXXIV 7/18/1999 na na Angustias McKeown (aka Augustias McKeown)
XXXIV 3/4/2000 na na Elspeth Buchannane of Loch Lomond (aka Elspeth Bochannane)
XXXV 6/18/2000 na na Katarzina Porajski (aka Katya Porajski)
XXXV 8/12/2000 na na Bjarni Ešvaršarson ķ Jórvķk (aka Bjarni Ešvaršarson af Jorvik, Bjarni Edwardsson, Bjarni Edwardsson of Jarrik)
XXXV 10/14/2000 na na Magdalena Henrykova Ochastka (aka Magdalena Henrikova Ochastka)
XXXV 3/17/2001 na na Robert Cornelius MacGregor
XL 3/18/2006 na na Anne of Bradford
XLI 10/14/2006 na na Gwenhyvar ferch Rinn


Last updated 01/03/2007
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