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Writings: Arganteilin filia Elfin

Lady Arganteilin On Documentation

Ever try to make something and you didn't have the directions? How frustrated did you get? Documentation is vitally important! Without it we not be able to survive or reproduce anything. In all aspects of life, cooking, wood working, metal work, textiles, spinning, weaving and so on. Without documentation there would be no plans to work from, no recipe to cook from, nothing to weld by, no pattern to cut from. I think you get the idea.

Now when you look for something in a book or on the Internet, remember that you still need to document it. If you changed anything from the original recipe. Maybe it is better with the change, write it down. In order to reproduce again you need to have a record of it.

I know you all get tired of hearing me chatter about good documentation. But really if you want to enter a pentathlon, you have to have the best documentation. Why not put it into practice now.

Look at documentation as a treasure hunt, you never know what kind of treasure you will find, The knowledge you will gain and the feeling of accomplishment when you complete your task. Also, how many people will find your information enlightening. Or better yet how many has been inspired to try it themselves.

If cooking has become a chore, take a break and relax. Try it again tomorrow. Cooking should always be fun and documentation should be an invigorating experience. Have fun!!

Lady Arganteilin
Guild Mistress


Last updated 01/03/2007
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